Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Champion Concept: Algus Shade

Concept Lore

Algus doesn't remember much leading up to, during, or after the calamity -- What he does remember is that he was once some sort of nobility, was a praised tracker, and that his family had an affinity for wolves.  Whatever the calamity was, Algus woke up on the shores of Noxus in what seemed to him to be another time.  Another curious note Algus made was that he was in fact already dead -- but still somehow bound to the physical world.  Apathetic toward his plight, Algus sought a new medium for his skills in order to acquire fame.  His arrogance has led him straight to the League.

Concept Game-Play

Algus is a Shadow Isles AP jungler who can track and trap enemies.  There aren't too many champions that have traps available to them, but there is certainly no champion that specializes in them.  Algus turns into a wolf, or releases wolves, in accordance to whatever his kit would call for (ie: a gap closer would animate his lunge as a quick transformation; traps might release wolves; etc etc).

Art Direction

With Algus, I worked a bit backwards.  I came up with a conceptual lore on the basis that I wanted a proud tracking character.  I started tying Algus to the Shadow Isles, and I thought it'd be a fun way to play on the Black Dog ghost tales.  Instead of a dog though, I wanted to make Algus more vicious -- so dog became wolf.  To stand apart from other Shadow Isles champions, and other champions in general due to his time displacement, Algus has more black and silver integrated into his design -- something of which other champions don't have as a distinction.  Algus is thin of frame to denote that he is not a tank, and wears fur and pauldrons to denote that his key role is in the jungle.