Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Skin Concept: Dawn Break Leona

Dawn Break Leona is a skin I've been thinking of for a while. She takes on some futuristic elements without being akin to pulsefire or battlecast. At the same time, she represents more closely to the common theme of League in crystals. The crystals also give a magic type quality, so I decided they needed to be included. Leona also sports black and silver as opposed to gold and maroon for a more slick look. Silver helps aid the theme of light while the black helps push the contrast of Leona overall. Her equipment also is made of light, and would be visually transparent in game -- this is to emphasize Leona's full control over light in this form. Her visor is also a nod to wanting Leona to have a full helm -- while at the same time not necessarily giving her one.