Monday, February 18, 2013

Revision: Warin

Art Direction

So, a big problem I had with Warin was that at the time I made him, I was still really bad at textures. I still don't consider myself great at them, but I've gotten better. To reiterate Warin, I moved his design from heavy reds and steel because -- as someone mentioned -- he shared too much of a similarity with Darius. This time around, I've made Warin a creature with more exposed bone plating. I also thinned his frame a bit and expanded his shell. This was to give him more of a heroic silhouette. The bone plating helps adjust his color too, so he no longer reminds us of Darius. At the same time, I took care to make sure that he didn't remind people of Malphite either. This is why the shell forms a hard V shape.