Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Champion Concept: Warin

Concept Lore
Warin's people come from deep within the Great Barrier. Their bones and plating are hardened and enhanced the longer they live. With summoner activity at an all time high, more and more magic has seeped into the home of Warin and his race. The intrusion of rich magics changed Warin, specifically. His plating became organic metal, and he developed a much higher resistance to magic than his brethren. To find the source of his change, Warin ventured out of the deep mountains -- and to the League. His goal is to enrich the life of all his people, by making their shells an even more durable aegis.

Concept Game-Play
Warin is a full blown slow tank. Meant for shielding, reducing, and absorbing as much damage as possible. Being an armored tortoise/ankylosaurus -- I thought he'd have some really interesting abilities that focused on heavy, high cool-down abilities that helped him survive burst encounters, and long team fights.

Art Direction
This time around, I decided to go with Warin to practice different types of materials. Not a fan of scales and metals now. Anyways. As a tank, Warin just had to be large and bulky -- but to show that Warin meant business, he's modeled after medieval maces. He's basically a cross between a tortoise and an ankylosaurus (my favorite dinosaur). There was some things I learned making Warin and Itzel that make me not want to pursue a 100% realisim. The next champ will be more stylistic art-wise.