Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Champion Concept: Rebekah

Concept Lore
Rebekah was born and raised in Demacia all her life. Instilled with patriotism for country she enlisted into the Demacian military as soon as she was able. Unfortunately, the nature of conflict changed, and the League began to take care of Demacia's defense and conquest. Refusing to sit idle and watch as her heroes of story and legend take all the glory for their country -- Rebekah continued her disciplined training. After being gone for years, Rebekah has returned as a champion in the League -- ready to prove that she too was a legend fit to stand shoulder to shoulder with her idols.

Concept Game-Play
Rebekah is an odd AD Carry who can also be an AP based Support. She'd be ammo based with high impact shot skills and abilities that allow her to heal and scout. Rebekah should have at least 2 build paths. An AD one that should make her fitting as a carry, and an AP path that enhances her utility as a Support while sacrificing her damage. This is meant to make Rebekah a solid bottom lane pick.

Art Direction
I wanted Rebekah to be something of the everyday person who wanted to join the League. Someone who grew up listening to stories of these Legendary heroes doing heroic stuff. I thought it'd be fun to toy with the idea of her being added to the military in order to support these heroes -- but then the League made it so that soldiers were no longer needed, only champions. This backstory made me focus on making her a little "of the people", like a militia. When I thought militia, I thought minutemen -- hence the colonial attire slightly stylized. I decided that uniformed soldiers would probably be more of a Demacian thing as opposed to Noxus, and that's how she got her colors.