Monday, December 31, 2012

Champion Concept: Itzel

Concept Lore
There is a tribe of people deep within the Kumungu Jungles. In this tribe, the only monarchy is ruled by and passed down by females. Itzel is the youngest in this royal line. To be considered for rule though, Itzel must excel in tasks of survival, leadership, and strength. To test her abilities, her family has armed her with heirlooms of power and have sent her to the League -- in that she may prove to be the most capable leader of her people.

Concept Game-Play
I really like concepts like Viktor and Rengar -- champions that have a specific item that helps alter how they play, or boosting their already impressive stats. For Itzel, I wanted the focus to be her Head-dress. As an item, there would be 3 types -- that would alter her abilities to fulfill a different role. The roles I had in mind were Bruiser, Jungler, and Support. They would have to act like Viktor's augments -- but the effect would be on all of her abilities -- altering the way she plays entirely. Currently, there is no champion that harbors the ability to change roles completely based on altercations to an entire kit. She'd act as a nice counter-pick character.

Art Direction
WOW. Was this character fun to make. When my skills get even better, I will totally revisit her. Basically I wanted a character who fought with a weapon that behaved like a Bo-Staff, but I wanted her to be agile and deadly. So there are two blades attached to the ends of the weapon. Forgive me, I know this weapon actually has a name, but it eludes me as of now. Will revisit. I knew I wanted her to be another royal player in the League and I noticed that League lacks a great deal of tribal and native influences. So going off of tribal themes and Central American themes, I gave Itzel a unique look. I have a bias for agile and slick characters, so Itzel has a little more black in her design -- and tattoos made up of mostly vertical lines. Her head-dress also acts as her prominent area of her silhouette -- in that she may be recognizable on the field. I toned back her armor/jewelry to bronze from gold so that she may be a little less gaudy in appearance -- the tropical feathers were enough. Her faceplate is made of bone... because it looks cool? And because I've been reading too much Lizardmen lore from Warhammer.