Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Champion Concept: Pakwa

Concept Lore

Pakwa belongs to a group of Yordles long lost to myth.  They are Yordles that live deep in the Kumungu Jungles, worship a Toad deity, and ride giant Drake Toads.  What the outside world didn't know though, is that Pakwa's clan face's difficult times.  The Drake Toad eggs stopped hatching -- and can stay unhatched for hundreds of years.  The clan fears this is because their Toad god has lost faith in the clan's ability as warriors.  But when Pakwa took hold of an egg, it hatched for him -- the first Toad rider in decades.  The decision was unanimous; Pakwa would represent the clan in the League, and prove to their god that the clan was still worthy.

Concept Game-Play

Pakwa is a Yordle Jungler and Bruiser.  His Drake Toad, Skorn, takes Pakwa into battle with heavy leaps and bulky rushes.  I wanted Pakwa to be a single-target jungler that had methods of closing in on opponents while still be able to absorb a hefty amount of damage.

Art Direction

Yordles are typically highly magical or highly technological in League -- so I wanted to separate Pakwa from those two areas.  As a jungler, I thought he should have a native look about him.  I also thought it would be fun to make Pakwa a mounted character on something ridiculous and fitting for a Yordle.  So he ended up on a giant toad -- which added to the jungler nature of his character.  I chose a lot from an orange palette to represent the exotic background of the character -- and get across that he's made to jungle and jump.