Saturday, February 2, 2013

Revision: Waitomo

Did you feel that Waitomo was too cute? I did.  So I creepy'd him up a lot.  This revision was a little overdue -- and I wanted to really really push Waitomo into an appropriately awesome League-worthy appearance.

So Waitomo's body has been slightly elongated to play further upon his "skittery" nature.  His luminous tails have been sharpened so that you know from looking at him; this character is an assassin.  His color palette has been switched up -- and this was to give him a more sickly look.  His eye changed from a high reflection to an empty pupil.  I also opened his jaw and revealed his disgustingly mucous-filled mouth.  So now Waitomo is still this highly exotic magical creature, but he's still something from the dark that plays upon being something of a stalking character.  The main influence for this rework was X-Men's Toad.