Saturday, February 2, 2013

Revision: Rhodes

So here's a quick revision of Rhodes.  There was very little feed back on Rhodes from the thread -- but I pulled some quick points.

To start -- Rhodes' hammer is much more part of the character, and it's a little stylized to give a "heavy magic" feel to it's appearance.  The earthy gems have been pushed a little higher in color to contrast the armor.  The armor itself has been simplified and smoothed out -- because combined with the gems, Rhodes still reads as tough and tanky.  I also gave him some war paint -- I think it makes him more badass and it pulls a bit from his lore as a mercenary from the jungles.  Rhodes himself is a little shorter, but he's a little more built too.  He'd still be a beast in the League, but now he doesn't come off as being like Bolaji Badej in height.