Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Champion Concept: Scheele

Concept Lore
Scheele is a alchemist of Zaun who has taken it upon himself to study the Shadow Isles.

Concept Game-Play
A support champion that focuses on harassment via CC's and Debuffs. He provides a lot of utility in this sense, but offers little in the way of damage. I like to think of Scheele's game-play as throwing potions to have sickly and odd effects that are Crowd Control and Debuffs in their utility. Acids, Nerve Gas, Explosions, Slows, Fears, Poisons -- the character is just meant to punish players who get too close to the ADC that he guards. His game is chemical warfare, and I think there's a lot to be explored in what exactly he does with all the potions he brings to battle. He would be extremely squishy to make up for his offensive utility.

Art Direction
Scheele was difficult to plot out because of Singed. However, I really wanted to push another poison champ, but that originated from Zaun; which is described as a place where technology meets magic, thats not exactly too keen on morals. He's sickly because of his obsession with alchemy and the Shadow Isles. Yellow is iconic of sickness and disease almost as much as green is -- but it also gets across an idea of uncomfortableness. The vials around him suggest he's a chemist of sorts and works with disease/poison/potions.

Revision 1
He's cloaked now, giving him more of a "mage" feel, so there would be no confusion -- this is not a tank character. Other visual cues are the black/grey saturated cloak being more icon of the grim reaper (while still removing himself from Karthus). Add a color-friendly gas mask, and the character's whole begins to shape. I don't like to think of Scheele as being complete just yet, and I'm going to give him another round of revision treatment.

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