Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Champion Concept: Claire

Concept Lore
Across all of Valoran. There is no criminal more hated than Claire. She's stolen from every major government, nation, city-state, town, and settlement at least once. What's worse is her mocking, signed, and illustrated cards that she leaves behind at every crime scene. What makes her hated though -- is that none of the items she steals are worth any historical, magical, or financial value. Just needed items. (Where did your cane go, Swain?!)

Concept Game-Play
Claire is an AP champion that heavily focuses on tricking her foes using illusions, teleporting, and stealth. I saw this character as being a really frustrating champion to chase. She'd have a lot of blink, teleport, and stealth mechanics -- being an escape artist trope we don't yet have. At the same time, I wanted this type of game-play to also be her means of damage. Maybe she blinks to a location, and causes her previous location to wake with a magic burst. Her position utility would make her a bit of an assassin, but not quite as bursty so much as she would be periodical damage.

Art Direction
Art-wise, Claire plays on rogue tropes. Her cloak, boots, and hood help highlight this. At the same time, to push her elusiveness, I made her a fairy complete with wings. I specifically wanted to avoid the really natural fairies and the Amy Brown style fairies. To combat these cliches, I pushed Claire's appearance into how I envisioned punk-rock might have influence over the fairy fantasy. What I came up with was a lot of color, but not overly rainbow in execution; just hair dye and magic tattoos.