Friday, August 2, 2013

Revision: Castor/Pollux

Art Direction

The long awaited Castor/Pollux revision is here! Going off of the feedback I received from the original versions -- this Champion is now a mirror of the Summoner's Rift minions.  This all ties back to an attempt at duality -- and as such, Castor and Pollux both represent two different kinds of minions.  Of course, they're their own champion, so they're a little more "beefed up" than the minions.  I think they share enough resemblance to get the idea across.  Also, Castor and Pollux are different enough from each other to dictate how they play differently depending on which one you are playing.  One's a hero, one's a villain -- and they're both very childish about it.  Hope you enjoy the revision![