Sunday, July 28, 2013

Skin Concept: Death Blossom Zyra

Art Direction

I know that Riot has a new Zyra skin somewhere in the pipeline (my luck is it will be a Death Blossom skin) -- but I had to make this. So there were a few goals fleshing this skin out. 1; It had to share the base palette of Death Blossom Elise. 2; I wanted to include Spring colors. 3; It had to be different enough, that if you had Zyra and Elise rocking Death Blossom skins -- you can tell them apart on the field. Unlike Zyra's current models, Death Blossom makes her asymmetrical; the blooms on one shoulder/leg are larger than the other. For contrast and pop, I added a high saturation magenta color to areas; mostly in petals. Zyra also now has only 1 vine circulating her arm as I thought this would help pop her silhouette in game more, and distinguish the skin.