Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Champion Concept: Alice

Concept Lore

Contrary to popular belief, the use of magic is actually detrimental to the health of a mortal caster.  In rare and extreme cases a magic castor may succumb to Magicite Necrosis -- a severe illness where the mage's tissue slowly dies and becomes crystals that are potent in magical energies.  The end result of this illness is always death -- except in the case of Alice.  Alice first appeared in the League upon it's forming -- a fan favorite, she soon disappeared from the spotlight and it was learned that she was the unfortunate victim of Magicite Necrosis.

Alice did not die from the disease though -- determined to survive, she weaved layers upon layers of spells and enchantments to delay, destroy, or reverse the illness. The use of magic made her symptoms worse -- but the spells she cast spurred an unusual effect in tandem with the nature of the disease.  Now Alice is caught in a form between life and death, crystal and flesh.

Concept Game-Play

Because of the sheer amount of enchantments Alice uses to stay alive, she is no longer a magic caster, but an AP combo-based fighter.  She can grow crystals from her body at accelerated rates to produce weapons, projectiles, or defenses.  She's meant to be very forward and able to spike damage.  When making her, I thought that she would fight something akin to Marrow (X-Men) or Kimimaro (Naruto).  She's supposed to be extremely fast and brutal.

Art Direction

League pushes crystal themes very heavily -- but aside from Taric, there are not actually a lot of crystal based fighters.  Starting from there -- I took a lot of influences from how I wanted the character to look and develop.  To be absolutely forward, Alice is influenced by: Marrow (X-Men), Kimimaro (Naruto), Queen of Blades (Starcraft II), and most importantly -- and this is important -- Space Godzilla (Godzille VS Space Godzilla 1994).  Yeah, I know, Godzilla is awesome.  Alice's skin shimmers with blue and orange but her crystals vary in color glowing with white and yellow light.