Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Champion Concept: Setesh

Concept Lore
Setesh was a practitioner of wind based magics. Though he was never any good at it, he continued to practice. On a journey to Demacia, Setesh fell into a cavern whilst traveling through the Shumira Desert. While trying to find a way out, Setesh found a shrine within the cavern, and a voice luring him to enter. Setesh was then confronted inside the shrine by a apparition of Sand and Air. The Sand Avater said to Setesh "You are worthy of my legacy. You will defend us in our time of need". And with that, the Avatar disappeared, and Setesh transformed into a being of magic and escaped the cavern. With a newfound control over the sands, Setesh changed his destination to the League.

Concept Game-Play
Setesh plays as an AP support in is default form -- and his abilities are gale-type sand spells; such as dervishes. He plays with blinds, shields, and movement speed effects. Setesh's ultimate is Manticore Form. Like Nidalee, this changes Setesh's other abilities, and he is able to stay in this form. Manticore's abilities have additional AD ratios attached to them, and are more violent and powerful spells.

Art Direction
Setesh's concept started in his Manticore form. Though initially he was not a manticore, just a berserker Yordle. After adding horns, I realized he'd be cooler as a manticore, and the changes spring from there. With the manticore concept in place, I decided that Setesh would indeed be the Sand Mage that the community has beckoned for. To punch this up, I played on colors that insisted on desert archetypes. The glowing runes are to signify his mage play-style, and their engulfing of his Manticore form represents the amount of magic being loosed.