Monday, December 10, 2012

Champion Concept: Leer'Vo

Concept Lore
A Void champion based on a Beholder. I envisioned him to be a support that focuses on aggressive map control, gained by attaining vision by various means. He's weak and sinister, and is in Valoran to scout our weaknesses in preparation for an invasion.

Concept Game-Play
The greatest utility a support can offer is vision. This is the idea I played with when thinking of how Leer'Vo might fit into the League. I remember hearing that League did not necessarily support passive play, so I wanted Leer'Vo to fit as an aggressive vision control champion. Things I thought he might be able to do consisted of eye sentries, eye bombs that reveal, and blinding/darkness abilities. I also thought of him having a true-sight passive to encourage counter-warding, solidifying his position as a champion of vision. He would most like be extremely weak and squishy to balance his vision abilities.

Art Direction
There was a community post that was adamant about having a champion based on the Beholder creature. To differentiate the creature from a League styled one, I decided it must be a void creature. I also extended the tentacles to give it a "body" and proceeded to add a few more eyes for game-play narrative (what does he do with his eyes?).

Revision 1
After looking into Shuma -- I made strides to differentiate the two in the revision. Here's a break down of things that make them different. Leer'Vo has; Arms, Different Color / Patterning, Quills, Spikes, Teeth, A more expanded body. Here's how I justified these changes and differences. Leer'Vo's arms are frail, thin, and alien -- this is to iterate that he is not a strength champion. Leer'Vo's purple coloring comes from the association League has made with the Void and the violet spectrum of color. The rest of the changes involve Leer'Vo having more of a structure to him. He's not an eye with tentacles -- he has a small body, and the arms make up part of that. The small body does not however remove Leer'Vo as being a product of filling the need for a Beholder champion