Monday, December 10, 2012

Champion Concept: Castor/Pollux

Concept Lore
Castor is a young Yordle wizard, with aspirations of being a hero. Pollux is a young Yordle wizard, with aspirations of being a villain. Castor focuses on shielding and healing friends. Pollux focuses on weakening and poisoning enemies. But are they two different beings? Or one Yordle with serious issues?

Concept Gameplay
The duality champ is another champion type I've seen being asked for by the community. Castor/Pollux was my stab at that particular type of champ. As such, I thought the champ's only really fitting role would be to be a buff and debuff champion. Buffs and debuffs being utility abilities, I decided that this champ would be a support. Castor would focus on all the positive effects like healing, and Pollux would focus on detrimental effects like poison.

Art Direction
Castor/Pollux are Yordles and because when I think duality, I think of good and evil; and without going deep into yin and yang and dr. jekyll and mr. hyde -- I thought of simple hero and villain. Heroes and villains seemed to be the sort of thing kids believed in, so I thought it appropriate to attach that to the racial personality of the Yordles. To further play up this theme, Castor/Pollux are garbed in a fashion that represent the minions on Summoner's Rift, because heroes and villains are all about costumes. Currently, Castor/Pollux are in line for a revision to play up this thematic more.